Preventing Algae in warm weather location


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Sep 25, 2010
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Although we are now going toward the "cold" months, I still leave in a location where cold is in the middle 70's .
I just started a new era of my pool (thanks to this forum) using the BBB method.
What would you suggest for algae prevention ? In the past , when I was completely illiterate and was not always attent to my clorine level, I would get algae every minute, so I guess is the warm weather and constant exposure to the sun that contributes to their growth. Should I just use Borax , and how much ? I used the pool calculator and it gives me 22 lbs to raise the borates from 0 (I am assuming it's ZERO ) to 30 .
I still have a couple of bottle of Algaecide ( non metal ) but I just feel like my pool is finally "disintoxicated" from all the chemicals that I used in the past, that I want to keep it as chem-free as possible.


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Jul 10, 2009
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I can only speak for my own experience, but after I put in enough borax to reach 30ppm according to the pool calculator in July, I have not had a single algae outbreak. I did try to keep my FC in range by adding bleach every other day, but sometimes I get busy and miss a couple of days. Last summer my pool would start to get cloudy right away if I let the FC drop too low for a day or two. This year I have not had that issue since July. Currently my water is 70 degrees, my pump is dead, and I have not added bleach for a week, but my water is still clear.

Bottom line: Borates help, but the best algae control is a properly chlorinated pool.


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Apr 4, 2009
pakalrtb said:
What would you suggest for algae prevention ?
Quite simple...ensure you always have adequate FC a suggested by the FC/CYA chart in pool school and test your FC daily :goodjob: . Borates at 50ppm would be optional/added insurance.
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