Pretty sure it’s pollen and tree debris but just curious


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Aug 10, 2019
Yes the trees are right next to the pool -why? I live in a city on a tiny lot surrounded by houses and apartment buildings - they give the illusion of privacy
Just keep noticing dust on the stairs -a faint hint of dust - brown/green - can t imagine at chlorine levels I have that. It’s algae and I m not losing chlorine over night - so .........?
I ll be able to vacuum tomorrow and we ll be in it all weekend ( Warmer weather returns to NY metropolitan area this weekend - whooppee! )

I know CYA s nuts but I m closing pool in a few weeks and probably replacing liner in April as pool base is just disappearing under floor of pool - leaving depressions where Cross braces are and near rear side - Poor installation ? With too little base? Or too much hard rain - who knows - but I can feel sharp metal trying to work it s way through the bottom ???
Ah the joys of above ground pools n the city ?‍♀



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Jun 16, 2019
whatever is landing on your deck and toprail is at the very least in your pool also. Like Alan said the OCLT will put your mind at ease.