Pressure way down after pump ran dry


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Apr 29, 2010
I need some help troubleshooting my pump/filter.

A couple weeks ago a bunch of tree droppings were in my pool. The impeller was clogged, and no water was flowing. the water in the pump was really hot.
I got it unclogged buy taking it apart and cleaning out the impeller.

Everything seemed to work ok, but the amount of pressure on the filter is close to 0. There seems to be plenty of water flowing out of the jets / waterfalls, but its almost as if the filter was missing or had a huge hole in it. The filter was really old, so I bought a new one. Same thing.

This pump also powers a polaris 360, which works fine too, but I do need to set the jandy valve to let most of the water flow to it instead of the filter (about 3/4). Before all of this, I had to set it to block most of the outflow to the polaris 360.
If i block the 360 completely and turn off the waterfalls, I can get about 5 pounds of pressure from the pump.

The setup is:
Pentair Mitra Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter 100sq ft.
Its hard to tell but i think the pump is Pentair Challenger

The pump seems to sound fine when its running.

The only thing i can think of is that something is letting water bypass the filter causing it to flow too freely.
I was thinking about putting some saran wrap around most of the filter, to see if the water still flows freely.

Any Ideas?


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May 3, 2007
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Since you have plenty of flow out of the jets, check the filter gauge, it might have something stuck in it preventing an accurate reading. Or it might be broken.


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Apr 29, 2010
I think you might be right about the gauge, just the wrong one.

I did check the gauge on the filter before and it was ok.
But the jandy energy filter gauge going to the polaris might be clogged.
I checked all of the pipes to make sure they were clear, moved the jandy valve back to where about 2/3 of the flow goes to the main filter, and the polaris still runs fine. It has good pressure from what I can tell, yet the gauge on the energy filter going to the polaris is way below the "green zone"
The gauge on the filter is now registering about 7lbs, which is where it normally is.

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