Pressure Vacuum Breaker question


Sep 16, 2017
Houston, TX
So not sure exactly where this question falls. When the pool was built they included piping directly from the pipe attached to our hose bib to the pool underground into the pool. This allows us to directly fill the pool with a larger volume that could be done by the hose. There is a Wilkin's .75" pressure vacuum breaker attached to the pipe which is leaking. Our thought was to replace the gasket, but we can't seem to get the top off. When I called the people who built the pool for a repair, they said the gasket can't be replaced, you have to replace the whole breaker. Because of the orientation - so close to the wall with the copper pipes to the washer in the wall behind it, having to cut it out and remove it gives me concerns about whether I should be using a plumber rather than a pool guy. And Is this true - do you have to replace the whole thing or should you be able to replace the gasket?


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