Pressure keeps rising on my DE Filter

May 18, 2020
Albany new york
I Just had my pool opened and i noticed my pressure on my filter was up to almost 30psi within the first few hours of my pump running. So i decided to take the filter Grid out and clean it. Added DE back to it and the pressure was down to 13psi. 2 hours later my pressure is back up to 25psi once again. So i backwashed it pressure drops and about an hour later starts climbing again. My DE grid was there when i bought my house 6 years ago so i dont know how long the previous owner had it for its doesnt seem to be in horrible condition or anything but i didnt do a full inspection on it. Is it possible that it could just need to he replaced? Also pool ran for almost 10hours yesterday and did not clear up like its done in past years of opening it


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Jul 3, 2013
Southern OK
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DE will filter down to 2 to 3 microns and that is the downside of DE when a pool goes south/has algae or really dirty.. You will have to watch it and backwash when the pressure raises 25%.. The pressure is raising because the filter is doing its job :)


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Jun 13, 2018
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I have the same issues sometimes with my DE filter if I do a late opening. I find it helpful to SLAM on recirc for the first few days until I see lots of dead algae, then I shut my pump off for a few hours, let it settle to the bottom, and then vacuum all that Crud out to waste. If I didn't do that I would sometimes be tending my filter several times a day. Even with doing this, I usually have to backwash 3-4 times before the SLAM is finished. After that I usually take the filter apart and clean the grids.


Jun 21, 2014
Wyndmoor, PA
Late reply but wanted to reassure you that this is normal with DE. When my pool starts from green, I have to backwash literally every half hour for at least a week, once even two weeks. The funny thing about DE and how algae looks in the water is that the water looks consistently green and gross for 95% of the backwashing period, and then in the last couple of cycles it magically goes from awful to crystal clear. It's the filtering of the last little bit that looks impressive. You are probably done by now, just posting for posterity,

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