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May 14, 2008
Central Arkansas
Guy's, You where a lot of help with cleaning out the frog pond. Although there are a few frogs that just won't give up there house, the pool is clear and clean and we are swimming, After I get the few frogs out of the skimmer each morning......

Question... The bottom of the pool has copper colored stains in places that won't come off and the steps area rust color... The pool store said it was probably copper in the water due to our water coming from a well.... How do I get rid of it...

Question # 2... My pressure gauge was broken, got another one today and it is reading about :: 12.. Is that good or bad... If bad, house do I fix it........ :?:


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May 7, 2007
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It would be iron from the well, not copper. But either way the treatment is the same. You can confirm that they are iron/copper stains by crushing a few vitamin C tablets, put the powder in a sock, and gently run one of the stains for 30 seconds. The stain should disappear in that area. If it does, you need to do an ascorbic acid treatment.

If the new gauge reads zero when the pump is off and 12 when the pump is running then that sounds normal and all is fine.