Pressure gauge


Jun 19, 2015
Hello, I have a Hayward Vari-Flo XL multiport valve (model sp0714t) and the pressure gauge is defective. I am looking to replace it but I want to be sure to get the right gauge. I called Hayward and they were of little help. Is there a part # for this gauge? Hayward sent me the diagram of the multiport valve with the parts listed but the gauge was not one of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
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Most all pool pressure gauges are the same.. The main difference is do they mount from the bottom or the rear..

Most "stock" ones go up to 60 lbs. which is about twice as big as you need. I recommend you buy an oil filled one from TF test kits that only goes to 30 lbs.. That is what I use.

See this link... Flow Meters and PSI Gauges


Jim R.