Prepping/Painting/Sealing Pool Deck


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Jul 9, 2015
Pittsford, NY
I am looking to paint my pool deck surrounding my inground pool this summer. The bare concrete has become a bit of an eyesore, so I want to fix that. I was wondering if anyone could let me know if my plan sounds like it will be successful, and possibly give me any advice if they have done something similar. After a bit of research, it seems the most reasonably priced and available products are from Seal-Krete. A look at the pool deck section of their website suggests the following strategy:

1.) Pressure wash bare concrete thoroughly
2.) Etch surface with Seal-Krete Clean 'N Etch
3.) Paint using Seal-Krete Floor-Tex Textured Concrete Coating
4.) Seal with Seal-Krete Seal-Clear

Has anyone used these products before? Is there a better alternative? Am I missing any important steps? I noticed the website is obviously promoting all of its products, and suggests using the Lock-Down Concrete Bonding Primer after the Clean 'N Etch. Is this really necessary, or is the etch sufficient? I appreciate any feedback. These products are not cheap, and I have never done something like this before, so I am trying to prepare myself to do it properly.