Preparing to build in Las Vegas


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Oct 21, 2020
Las Vegas
I plan on building my pool this winter, I have no experience with this type of construction but am optimistic after reading some of the stories on here about others DIY adventures. I would like to manage the project from start to finish because I am ALL about saving $$ and being present for every step. I have a large yard that has an area apx. 30x40 that I can build the pool in. I have a drawing and my wife and I have discussed what we want and don't want in our design. I am finishing my design idea on paper and need to take the next step. I am in an HOA so I know I need to get my neighbors to sign off on the design before I submit it for approval. I think I can start getting bids for each step of the process now and break ground as soon as I have approval and permits from the city. I appreciate any helpful information that is offered.

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