Power to Aqua-Rite Generator


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Aug 7, 2014
Moyock, NC
The power on my Aqua-Rite Chlorine Generator keeps going on and off every few minutes. The two green lights for power and generating go out and when they come back on we hear it click. We just replaced the cell, but the problem was happening before that and is still happening. Any suggestions or possible reasons why this is happening?

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Sep 3, 2012
Poway, CA
I had the exact problem and just fixed it a few days ago. The circuit board current limiter replacement really worked. I'm not a solderer so I took the board and component I bought from Digi-Key to my local Radio Shack and they soldered to for $10. Everything's working great now.


Oct 28, 2014
I had the same problem. After researching it here and elsewhere and noticing cracked limiter on my board. Unit was still under warranty so I decided it was worth the labor to have someone else do it. Pool guy said he replaces the boards all day long. He keeps several on his truck. He let me keep the old board! I mentioned just replacing the old broken limiter. He said he was doing that for a while but the new limiter would need to be replaced after 6 mos. If mine goes out again I'll try soldering a new one on the board and see if he's right.