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Oct 23, 2021
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Brand new to pool ownership and have been doing a lot of reading and trying to get up to speed. That's how I came across this forum.

Today our neighborhood had a power outage; power was out for about 15 minutes. When the power came back on it took a while for our systems to reset (modems/routers/wi-fi. etc.) so the Pentair PSL4 system and Screenlogic app were not online. When the power went out the pool was running (pump at approx. 2,200 rpm) and the heater was on. When the power came back on almost immediately the spa blower came on but nothing else (no pump, no controls, etc.). When I looked at the Screenlogioc app all data was missing (no circuits listed, etc. and the Pool and Spa categories were blank). I went to the main Pentair control panel and it was also blank; I had no ability to turn off the blower via the control system so I shut off all of the pool related circuit breakers. I then turned on the breaker the Pentair control system is connected to and waited for the system to come back online (about 5 minutes or so) and then turned on the other breakers. Upon doing this the pool returned to its normally schedule function (Pool On, Spa Off, Blower Off).

My question. Any idea why the blower to the spa would have turned on when the power came back on (it wasn't running when the power went dead)? My concern is what will happen if I'm not home during a power failure and the same thing happens (it is a seasonal home so we are often gone for months at a time). Below is an overview of our pool/equipment. Thanks.

We purchased a home in 2020 in Naples, FL with an in-ground pool. The pool was originally built in 2002 and it was obvious the previous owner didn't take very good care of the pool aside from weekly maintenance/chemical balance service. It is a 16,000 gal standard chlorinated pool with spa (not salt water). The pool has a Paramount PV3 in-floor cleaning system. Since our purchase I have had a lot of work completed on the pool including:

- Resurfaced and new waterline tile.
- New AquaCal Heatwave Superquiet SQ225 heat pump.
- New Pentair EasyTouch PSL4 control system w/ screenlogic.
- New pool and spa lights (standard 100 watt submersible).
- New Pentair IntelliFlo VSF pump.
- New Pentair valve actuators (2).
- Replaced Jandy check valve internal components.
- Replaced PV3 pop-up heads and Paramount 6-port valve module.


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May 3, 2014
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I am sorry you have not received any responses to your post.

I would first press the RESET button on the front of the ET control panel. That will not delete anything, just reboots the system.
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