Power Outage Prep (Dumb Question)


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Feb 15, 2021
New Pool owner here. Have never worked on or otherwise familiarized myself with my pool equipment. So far so good running pump/filter 24/7 but a lot of people here (and throughout Texas) are experiencing outages. I know if prolonged I'm supposed to turn off power at breaker, remove the filter, pump, and heater drain plugs and open filter relief. My dumb question - where do you typically find this stuff on your equipment? It's currently tarped (and 10 degrees outside) so haven't spent a ton of time digging around but any pointers (or anyone know of a link to a video showing this?) that could help if we do lose power? Thanks. Probably need to stay on this site and actually learn something about my pool.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hi there Frozen Dallas.... we've got quite a few threads here going on now so I'd recommend looking into them as they're written mostly by your own neighbors. The information being shared is pretty repetitive at this point but its pretty darn good considering all this is quite new to folks in Texas.

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