powdered CYA in the inline chlorinator ?


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I added CYA using the sock method. Had 2 tube socks tied together and hung them over 2 noodles. In the first 24 hours, had very little dissolving going on. Then I took the socks and started massaging them in the skimmer, could see the powder working its way out. Thought to myself, "hmmmmm.... I need to fill the pool some anyway, why not run the hose into the sock for a while. This seemed to work nicely, then I stuck the one sock inside the other so that the water was flowing through both the socks. In an hour, almost all the CYA was flushed out of the socks.


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The two times I have added CYA I filled and tied the tube socks and just threw them in the deep end and used my brush pole to situate them directly over the main drain. They were empty within 2 hours both times I did this.
I don't think I am a fan of this idea ... higher risk of damaging the pool surface if not completely on the drain or if flow is insufficient.

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I use an old T-shirt in the skimmer. This works well though a sock could be used instead. The flow through the skimmer accelerates the dissolving. Just make sure that there are other ways for flow to occur to the pump in case the skimmer gets clogged. In my case, the skimmer has a second input from the pool, a pipe hole below the skimmer (I think it's called an equalizer) and I also have main drains so there is no risk of damage from clogging the skimmer.

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