Potentially the 2 stupidest question you will see? Pump and return hose question


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Apr 3, 2021
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Hi guys - as a first time pool owner with older equipment, I have been having a hard time figuring out what's normal and what isn't.
When I initially turned my pump on, the water coming into it from the pool was rushing in and creating lots of "crashing water" (that's the only term I could think of, see this video (not mine) at 7:20 for what mine originally looked like.)

I had to drain and refill due to a high CYA, and I took that time to also adjust some of the fittings. Now my pump looks like this when I turn it on... pardon my poor video skills, I did it half asleep before work. I actually originally thought the pump lost its prime when I first noticed it like this because I couldn't tell there was actually water moving, and when I removed the pump lid the water just poured all over my feet. Is this okay?? Or did I do something wrong? My filter pressure was 15 when I was doing this, only 3psi up from the 12 it was the other day before I had to drain.

My second question is related to a small hole in my return line. Obviously this needs complete replacing, but is there anything I can do temporarily until my new tigerflex hose and fittings are shipped? It should be hopefully max 2 weeks it arrives, but I need to get the water moving and chemicals in it ASAP. I put duct tape over it for now, but I doubt that will last very long.

Thank you, as always!!


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The water level in the pool is higher than the pump so when you open the lid, it will run out. Normally a valve is installed on both sides of the pump so you can shut it off when servicing the pump so there will not be any overflow.

As for the hole in the return line, return lines usually have pressure with AG pools so anything you put on the outside of the hose will tend to leak. But if the leak is in the middle of the hose, it is nearly impossible to put anything on the inside of the hose. If the leak is close to the ends, you may be able to plug with some glue or sealant. If not reachable from the inside, you could try a hot glue gun from the outside of the hose as that may leak inside to form a plug.
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