potential pipebursting

Apr 19, 2017
I bought a house with pool recently, hence have been learning from TFP since then. The articles really helps me a lot!

The pool got cloudy as I haven't moved in yet. By following the slamming procedure, I have turned it back to clear water again.

Yesterday, I saw the pipe(which connects to cleaner driving pump) shows sign of decays. please find below photo:

question: should I replace it asap? if yes, where can I get replacement parts?

Any answer is much appreciated.



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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to our forum Sara, :wave:

Yes, they should be replaced now. I'm pretty good with tubing and pipe fittings, but I have never seen those. The one on the pump head yes, but not the white ones. Maybe pool supplies/pool builder suppliers use that type, but not sure. That's Southlake near Dallas yea? Somewhere around there like I mention may have them.

I would remove the whole booster pump line and take it with me when I found one who had them or similar. A good irrigation supply house may keep them as well. They might not leak for a while yet, but I don't like telling you to chance that. Because they will burst open two days before you have guests over and you're trying to polish things up before they come. :)

Good luck, and let us know if you need help on the SLAM.
Apr 19, 2017
Thanks, Patrick.

The pressure side cleaner only cleans up limited area, then stuck somewhere in the deep end. Now I bought a robot, which does much better work.
Guess I can bypass the booster pump completely.

Yes, I am in southlake, TX. Where can I buy the pipe and parts to reconnect the filter output to the pool directly?

Another question, the pull/push valve is very hard to operate. Today, when I pushed back then turned back to lock after backwash, the valve indicator is broken. I DID release air pressure first.

Should I replace the whole valve? model: Hayward DE Filter: DE6020