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Aug 22, 2021
Deer Park
I'm looking to buy a pool for next summer. So confused, have no idea where to even start. Not sure what kind of pool to get yet. My backyard is flat, no slopes. Debating if I should purchase a semi inground pool and install it above ground or bury it partially. Or just purchase an above ground pool instead. What's the best option for pool types. Looking for something more permanent than Intex. Thanks for your input.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Glen first off, welcome! Next we need to know where in the world Deep Park is? Illinois, Texas, NY and a few other places popped up in Google. It really helps if you'd be a bit more specific, as each area has its own climate. Capisce?

Are you looking to install it yourself or have it professionally done? How handy are you?

What's the family demographics look like?

I would bet there will be better prices come fall.... this year has been tough for buying pools and equipment for a couple of reasons. The supply chains should be catching up by fall.

I would suggest you start looking online at companies....take note of if they sell the pool only with certain equipment or can you buy what you want piece meal? I wouldn't usually suggest the equipment that comes with some pools and would upgrade the pump and filter, and going to a salt water chlorinator would save a lot of trouble.

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