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Mar 6, 2016
How come i cannot delete my old uploaded photos? The website wont let me post anymore pictures. When i tried to post a question with a picture it says i exceeded my also says the pictures should have been deleted after 24hrs but they are still there. TIA


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Jul 24, 2015
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You can. Go to the Settings link at the top right of the screen just below the Pool School button. Then at the bottom left of the screen it takes you to click attachments. That will bring up a list of all the posts you have made with photos you can delete those you want by checking the boxes at the right and use the delete button at the bottom right of the screen.


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May 19, 2010
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I don't like the idea of deleting pictures because then your old threads are not going to make any sense to people visiting the forum in the future. As stated above it is possible to delete them however in my opinion it would be better to either host pictures on another website and post the link or become a supporter and post them here.