Post from IN the pool....

head gamez

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Feb 17, 2012
Winston Salem NC
Loving the POOL! Tonight is the first weeknight we have been able to get in the pool as a family, and I love it! We put our kids n the bed about 8pm, and I came back out and decided to float around a little bit more before a 10pm conference call....

Is this the first TFP post from inside the pool?



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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
First from inside the pool? No. We have actually had photos posted from folks who were in the pool, under the water. :mrgreen:

You've got the right idea there though. :cheers:


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Aug 1, 2010
Savannah, GA
Casio G'Zone Commando is a great little waterproof and shock proof Android cellphone for in and around the pool use. Mine has been down to 8 feet deep took underwater pics, played with by the kids in the pool for games (angry birds etc) and still works fine. Had it about a year so far with no complaints. There's some pretty cool youtube videos of folks demoing the durability of this phone. They tried to sell me a protective case when I got it but its already built tough enough as it is. The wife is considering an iPhone,do you have a waterproof case or are you just testing the limits with it?