Possibly cloudy?


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Jun 14, 2018
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Pool was opened 5 weeks ago and we have been clear and had perfect chemistry since opening. I had to go back to some old pictures to try a compare the water clarity. To me, it seems like the past 3 or 4 days have created a cloudy/hazy condition primarily in the deep end. Nothing out of the ordinary has occurred and I have not added anything to the pool besides bleach and muriatic acid .

The pic from 5/6/19 was sunny day and the other 3 was very cloudy which changes the water color a bit. But in the current pics the main drain is barely visible.

Any ideas?

I keep the ph low to avoid staining and the TA low to keep ph swings minimal
FC 7
CC 0
PH 7.2
TA 60
CH 70
CYA 40


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Jun 22, 2014
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Jun 14, 2018
Long Island NY
Something could just be causing a bit of stress in the water. Your FC should be good enough at 7, but if you chose to go to 9-10 for a day or two it won't hurt. Consider an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test to make sure something heavy isn't trying to bloom in there.
Thinking a bit more about this.......
I have noticed randomly when I cleaned the pool with the robot, there appears to be DE in the robot filter screen (white powdering substance). Not a lot, maybe enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I usually get tremendous amounts of pollen on the water surface during the month of May that accumulates in the skimmer socks. But I have noticed that pollen rarely sinks to the bottom unless the pump is off for prolonged periods of times. I opened the chlorinator a few times 3 weeks which always causes the DE in the filter to backup through the pump and sometimes back through the main drain if I do not close the chlorinator and start the pump quick enough.

I guess what I am getting at is possible DE clouding from a ripped screen. Pressure has not even changed 1 PSI though. Skimmer socks pick up so much debris that not much makes it to the filter itself.
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