Possible suction side leak.


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May 4, 2010
I’ve been noticing air bubbles coming out of my returns lately and wondering if I have a suction side leak somewhere. Although the bubbles come out of the returns, I never see any in the pump basket. It looks air tight. I checked each of the 2 skimmers by plugging them one at a time. I also closed the main drain. Then I checked the diverter switch (jandy) by squirting soapy water on it but didn’t notice anything strange. In all tests, I still see tiny air bubbles coming from the returns.

So do air bubbles from the returns always mean a suction side leak even tho there are no air bubbles in the pump basket or is it possible that air is being introduced somewhere else after the pump basket? Like the filter, the heater, the SWG or the Polaris.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated


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May 4, 2010
Well....what do you you know. Learn something new everyday. Turned off the SWG and the bubbles pretty much go away. I still see a bubble or 2 coming from the Polaris pressure side line about every 5-20 seconds but that’s it. Nothing I can see coming out of the returns. With the SWG turned on at 100% the bubbles were very constant.

Maybe not worth it to investigate the very small amount of bubbles coming from the Polaris return line. It’s hardly noticeable.

Thanks so much for that insight
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