Possible suction side leak.....maybe


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Apr 4, 2015
High Springs, FL
UPDATE - So I feel like I've done everything I can do and I still have bubbles - but I'm guessing that it's normal and I'm fighting a phantom issue.

I've replaced both diverter valves and lubricated the o-rings.
Replaced O-ring on the cartridge filter and lubricated.
Replaced O-ring on the pump filter basked lid and lubricated the O-ring.
Replaced and lubricated the O-ring on the drain valve on the pump.
Replaced the vacuum hose.

I was running the pump at higher RPM's do compensate for a failing chlorinator - until I could purchase the new one.

Since purchasing the newer chlorinator and installing it, I am running back at 4 different schedules with lower/adequate RPM's for the correct turns per day.

We are right back at this -

diverter turned to drain and skimmer with skimmer basket in - NO VACCUM - run perfectly - no bubbles (no bubbles)
diverter turned to drain only - NO VACUUM - runs perfectly - no bubbles (not even small ones)
diverter turned to drain and skimmer with VACUUM HOSE attached - bubbles
diverter turned to drain only with VACUUM HOSE attached - no bubbles
diverter turned to skimmer only with VACUUM HOSE attached - bubbles

So my deduction is this - either my hose is drawing air in or there is some other weird problem. For now, I am just going to live with the fact that I am probably overthinking this whole thing.

Thank you for all the replies and attempts to help me with this. I'm sorry I don't seem to have a solution.
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Apr 4, 2015
High Springs, FL
In your first post, you said you were getting bubbles with the vacuum disconnected. If so, this may a result of the leaky diverter valve.

How are you connecting the vacuum line to the skimmer? Is this a sectioned or one-piece hose?

Vacuum hoses are not really designed to be air tight. Any connections above the water line will allow air to get sucked in, especially at higher speeds.
and yes, they are sectioned.


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Jul 31, 2021
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This may sound weird but I would check the impeller(palm hairs)and vac for clogs. In my experience clogs or impacted impellers cause bubbles. Don’t ask me why, I have no logical explanation lol. I also see you have the enclosure so it makes it even less likely. But just throwing long shots out.
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