Possible shallow end for Intex Ultra 12x24?


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Jul 2, 2012
We are considering buying a rectangular Ultra Frame pool. I think we'd be interested in the 12' x 24' size. I keep trying to think of ways to make a shallow end for my youngsters since they won't enjoy the pool as much if they can't touch. Ideally, I'd like to have half the pool about 36-42" deep give or take a few inches, and the other end totally full. Is there any way this could be possible? I thought about building a platform under the pool that fit under the liner with the buttress still level on the ground, but I think it would mess up the way the frame works. Any suggestions? I'm also concerned about safety. I don't want anything in the pool that they could get stuck in, around, under, etc.

There's always the possibility of not filling to total capacity until they are older, however I've noticed a lot of posts about the walls bowing until the pool is full. Would 42" be full enough to avoid the bowed look? Thoughts anyone?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Platforms to make a shallow end have been discussed here before but I'm not sure of all the things that have been tried or if any of them worked well. Do a search for pool platform and see if any of the results help you out.


Jun 30, 2011
PeteIHughes said:
I documented a build I did for a 12 foot by 5 foot platform in the other forum.

http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/showthread ... round-pool

The planking and structure was all pvc. The bolts/screws are (now at least) all stainless.
Cost under $300.

I am using it this year in a 15x30x54 above ground.
Last year it was in an 18x48 intex.
Great link! gives me ideas for next year, we were thinking of bar stools but a bench or two would work too! Thanks for the ideas!


Apr 5, 2014
Not sure if anyone will see this. Did you end up doing a platform hopp? I just built an AGP and was thinking about doing this, but worried it would put a hole in my liner? Any thoughts?


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Jun 28, 2009
I have my first Intex rectangle this year. I toyed with putting one layer of foam under most of the pool and 3 or so under one end and then carving it at an angle to blend in -- but I chickened out so my whole pool is a single depth. But, now that I have it up, here are my guesses:

1. I do think you can under fill the rectangle without issue - the wall will bow more, but I think 42 would be okay. Like you, I had thought it would not work to under-fill (before I got one) so I waited several years and very successfully under-filled the round ones - but I lost a lot of years of more pool real estate by not moving up to the big rectangle earlier. Now that I have one, I think 42 inches would be okay. We had it filled to just below the bottom hole for several days (which is way less than 42" and although I would not recommend leaving it that empty, it seemed structurally sound to me and in fact the kids did swim in it a bit at that depth). NOTE - I have wimpy kids and lots of rules, so not a bunch of rambunctious boys testing the pool's structural integrity.

2. I also think it would have worked to create a shallow end the way I envisioned with stacking the foam. That said, I think having two depths is in some ways less safe for the kids who need the shallow end to touch -- both my kids can touch in ours, but when we have shorter visitors, I've found that I'm glad I know they can't touch anywhere rather than having a "shallow end" and then having to worry about if they stray from it if there will be an issue.
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