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May 24, 2007
Houston, Texas, USA
Get out the tissue cause I'm going to bore you to tears. I was born and still live in Houston. I have a 28 year old son by a previous marriage, two teenage daughters, and two grandchildren. Yeah I'm an old f**t. I married a gal from Chicago the second time around. I work in a manufacturing facility. We produce precision down-hole oil tools for "the big guys", and have done defense/govt work, as well as some for NASA. That moon rover on the Apollo missions? Yep, we built part of it (although that was way before my time here. I'm not that old). My wife is a librarian assistant at a public elementary school. We got our pool seven years ago. At that time I had no interest in a pool whatsoever. Seemed like a big waste of money. My wife took care of it (by agreement). Finally, five years later I offered to take over for her. Boy was she glad I did. A couple of months ago I stumbled on this BBB thing and have been using it. Pool has never looked better. Now, thanks to you guys, my interest in pools has sky-rocketed, and my wife and I are try to figure out how we can get ourselves into an inground gunite pool. So yeah, thanks a lot for that :shock:. I suppose I should mention that I really like PC games. I've wasted more hours of my life than I care to admit playing games.

Hey, I told you I would bore you to tears :wink:


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May 8, 2007
Katy, TX
Hey Poseidon,
Welcome to the forum! I'm one of your neighbors in Katy. I'm currently having a gunite pool built and it is VERY exciting. Something the wife and I have been dreaming of for a while.

See ya around,


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Apr 22, 2007
Hi Poseidon. Nice to meet you. You don't sound boring at all.

Old, nahhhhhh!! My daughter will be <gulp> 36 years old, this fall and I'm not old - so you're not either.