Por15 and intex legs question


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Mar 18, 2018
We had an intex pool and after one season of chlorine use the legs rusted so we wanted them and repainted them. Now 2 years later legs totally rusted and gave out. Seems to be rusted o my on bottom half of legs though. We purchased a new one and plan to use por15 to coat I side of pipes so my question is .....1. Has anyone done this already and what method did you use ? 2. Did you have any problems getting pipe to fit together? Thank you.
May 11, 2018
Mobile, AL
Here is a pic of mine as well. I have about 1/3 blown out like the one in pic. Intex said "30 day warranty" when I called. So we are tearing down this month and putting up a new pool. Hope you get something to work out. My wife and I have "Intex heartburn!" Live and learn.

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I tried to convince the wife to let me fix it but she declined! LOL I so wanted to go to Lowes and buy galvanized fence posts and T's for framing. But she insisted on a new one that will last. So we are letting kids swim these next couple weeks while we wait on new one to arrive. I personally do not think you can reuse the intex metal it is thin cheap junk. Totally rusted out on my pool and we did use SWG but I think it would have done the same without the salt. In my opinion.