Poor psi/ suction


Aug 24, 2017
Timberlake, NC
Happy spring!
We are at the Va/Nc line.
I am a southern idiot originating from Savannah soo I forgot "winterizing" includes the pool.
I wondering if I broke something in a freeze.
All valves appear to work as they should. No leaks,
We uncovered our 33k gal pool a week ago. The system has been down since last fall. Our Salt cell failed and we finished the season w chlorine. We had a nice pea soup and our open included cleaning everything as best as possible prior to lighting the pump off. (robot passes, skimmers). My Bride did the chemistry for a slam which was 6 gal of 10% chlorine. I back flushed the sand filter and got pea soup out and the sightglass ran pretty clean in about what seem the reg 3-4 minutes. The system was set to filter and left for 4 hours. Upon back flushing the sight glass ran clear.... not slightly murky... but very clear. I did not expect this as the water was still pea soup. I set the sys to clean and left overnight.
In the morning the green was gone and the water grey and cloudy.
I ran a backwash and the water was clean the entire time...
I imagined back flushing the filter 4-6 times in 3 days and still did not expect this.
the well house is below grade on a hillside in an open block indention facing south w/ no doors... All lines are 2" and it an oversized filter (heatsink mass).

My psi gauge is whacked at full gauge... but does move about 5-10lb when the pump kicks on. This was a clean filter reading last year. It cannot be clean yet I ran w/ the gauge out and it was an anemic flow w/ some air. I expected a steady jet.
The impeller is clean and filter lid on tight.
After playing for about hour today working valves for skimmer/jets I can see a layer of pea soup flowing out of the "sheet" jet.
Have I frozen/broke something in the valve?
Have I "impacted" my filter... yet Blown a clear water path for the backwash cycle??

My PSI at the jets/ skimmer is low on "filter" but even on Recirculate where I imagine it should be humming as normal (never tried that last year). This is what makes me suspect of the valve ... which I assume could provide the result I attribute to "impacted filter".
One last observation. I pulled the drain plug and got drips of pea soup.... I assumed there is s filter /screen to retain sand....so I lightly bumped the pump and only got a minor increase in water flow.

Forgive the long post I have read other posts here on this topic but not encountered this same issue.

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It sounds as though you got very lucky by avoiding freezing damage. I wouldn't place too much concern on the fact that your water on backwash is somewhat clear at this point. Focus on performing the SLAM Process thoroughly and completely until you pass all 3 SLAM criteria. That's very important. Maintain the SLAM FC level until the SLAM is complete. It doesn't sound like your MPV was damaged since there are no leaks and the water (gasket) pushes water flow to the proper direction when the handle is moved (i.e. backwash, recirculate, filter, etc). If a lateral was damaged from the freeze, you should see sand near the return jets on the pool floor. If you see no sand, then the laterals and filtration ability should be fine.

At this point I would press-on with the SLAM Process. Give it some time since the pool is/was green, and follow those instructions carefully. If you see any other odd situations, then it may be time to open up the filter.


Aug 24, 2017
Timberlake, NC
Thanks! the "chemist" comes home today (the pretty one in the pic) to complete the slam.
I left it on last night and this afternoon.... everything looks fixed....
No air in sys, Full pressure, max whirlpool skimmer suction. Jets all humming full tilt. I did a backwash and cleaned out a great deal of junk. Returned to filter, and again, it all works perfect.
I HATE when things fix themselves because it is laughing at me and waiting to fool me again.
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