Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner low wheel RPM


Apr 6, 2020
Central California
I can only get 7 wheel rpm's out of my pool cleaner. Yesterday I tried turning the pump to 3000+ RPM (quick clean on a Intelliflo pump), and completly closed skimmer line (main drain is always closed). This is using the vac port on side of pool. The cleaner only cleans about an 8 foot diameter circle in the deep end.....slowly.
I've also tried lower pump RPM's
I've orderd an adapter in order to try in out in the skimmer port, to see if that makes a differnace.
Recently had a Pentair Quad 80 DE filter installed. With the old filter I was getting 11 wheel RPM's, but that also was not enough to get the cleaner to move more the the same 8 foot area at the deep end. New filter pressure is is at same pressure as when installed. Never have much debri in the pool at all, so I doubt anything could be clogged.
Pool surface is pebble finish.
Any ideas other than get a robot?


Nov 8, 2019
Simi Valley, CA
Mine came with 3 interchangeable "throats" to optimize suction and work better with variable speed pumps. I have a diverter valve that diverts suction from the skimmers to the cleaner port. As my filter gets progressively dirtier and the pool cleaner slows down, I find that I have to tweak the suction more over to the cleaner port. After cleaning the filter, the pool cleaner then tries to climb out of the pool, so I back off the suction over to the skimmers until I get it going the right speed.