poolsupplies.com on fire

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For anyone with outstanding orders from poolsupplies.com/leisureliving, the warehouse is involved in a 2 alarm fire at this moment. Chemicals are not involved, they are kept in a different area, but an employee said on the news that "pool supplies" are on fire.(I live in the Buffalo, NY area) It is a very smokey fire so I'd guess a lot of plastic and vinyl may be burning.
Just be aware you may not get your orders in a timely manner.
Luckily,I got my new solar cover from them this past Friday


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May 22, 2007
I submitted original post on here(a few posts down) and on poolforum. Hope it's not my link changing your computers. Neither of them change mine.


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Apr 14, 2008
Sorry if it is mine. Both links open new windows for me.....

Fire restarted and turned into a 3 alarm fire. Roads just reopened this morning.