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Jul 15, 2007
Eastern Pennsylvania
I am a real fan of this device!

In my pool it does a terrific job of catching floating debris. We mainly deal with birch tree flowers, insects, and dog hair, all of which it sucks into its mesh bag very nicely and in a relatively short time. That's not to say that the skimmer doesn't do a good job, because it does, especially with a skimmer sock in it. The skimmer sock, by virtue of being in the water intake, catches small particles, algae alive or dead, and whatever drifts into it, and it plays a critical role in pool cleanup. The PoolSkim does the dirty work though, faithfully drawing in any floating debris that comes within reach of its venturi.

I've added some photos to my pool Website to show those PoolSkim details which are missing from its homepage. Several people have asked me the same questions about this device and I saw a real need for additional information.

It's here; click on PoolSkim at the bottom of the page.