Pools open.....couldnt wait any longer

drywall guy

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Jun 4, 2015
Opened the pool here in s.w. PA april 1st. Couldnt stand to look at the winter cover another day....it was like christmas in april opening a big present....i had to take a couple pics and share with all of you to show that if you follow the guidelines on here this is what you have...one of the cover comming off and another once the filter was up and running....still to cold to get in but its warming up. Water was at 65° yesterday. Far cry from 48° when i uncovered it.

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Aug 28, 2016
Crystal Lake, IL
I AGREE - I have not actually taken the cover off yet, but peeked underneath and my water is crystal clear thanks to this site! We filled it back up and made sure pumps are functional, but have not taken the cover off yet. Hopefully in the next week or two. TOO cold for me yet, but the dogs will probably be okay, and I can't WAIT to not have to look at that cover for a couple of months!


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Jul 7, 2013
I just did mine over the weekend as well. I pumped all the water iff that i cluld. I use large black bunder clips to help secure our cover. I start at one end amd pull the cover to the other side removeing the clips as i go so it does not have a chance to fall in

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