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Jun 13, 2007
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Hi.. wife bought this stuff last week and put it in pool last thursday , and last weekend was wene pool got cloudy looking.
so was it from this stuff have not put any more in sence she did last week and water is really clear. guess I could add it to see if its what made pool cloud up last weekend. and this stuff is not cheap ether told her not to let them talk her into stuff again she was just trying to help. they just got her with the Phosphate thing how phospates make agae and she fell for it and bad thing is we have no phospates in the pool yeat but they told her this would keep it that way and never get alge because there would not be any phospates in the pool is this true or just a sales pitch.
thanks for any help in this.


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Apr 4, 2007
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The Phosfree can cause clouding if there are phosphates in the pool. I'd expect it would also consume chlorine, which could indirectly lead to a cloudy pool.


The lanthenum chloride in the PoolPerfect+PhosFree converts to lanthenum carbonate when it reacts with the carbonate alkalinity in the water. This clouds the water in much the same way that calcium can when added to a pool with high total alkalinity and forms calcium carbonate. The lanthenum carbonate gets caught in the filter and this is what actually scavages the phosphates by converting to lanthenum phosphate. Clouding is very common with lanthenum based phosphate removers but can be minimized by adding them to the skimmer and not directly into the pool. IMHO, they are not really necessary except in very special cases.