Poolmath vs Leslie’s target CH and Leslie’s new device


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Jul 5, 2018
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I know it’s been a while since I posted but troublefreepool has made taking care of my pool so easy. I randomly take water to Leslie’s to compare results. They had a new testing device that gives u results very quickly after loading water into a chip. Amazing. Anyways two questions for the group.

1. How accurate are these results compared to a traditional reagent test.

2. My calcium hardness target from Leslies differs greatly with the pool math calcium hardness target.

Leslie’s CH target is 200ppm at minimum vs poolmath target is at 350ppm at minimum? Which is right and why? I’ve loaded the same info to both in terms of pool type and size (gallons).



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Nov 27, 2017
yup your csi in pool math is where you want to check to stay at ........... your kit is good as long as it is in date keep TFP happy