PoolMath bug with dates


Gold Supporter
Jul 24, 2020
San Jose, CA
Hey there.

Reporting what might be an intentional choice, but could be a bug.

On the main page, it seems like the app will say "today" if the time elapsed since the test < 24 hours. However that ignores calendar days so last night's tests will say "today" until late in the day even though they were taken yesterday. The expected behavior as I see it would be that it only says "today" if the calendar date (on the device running the app) is the same as the calendar date of the test log. If it isn't, it should change to the "18 hours ago" format, which is good at covering time < 24 hours, and then "x days ago" thereafter.

See pics attached demonstrating this behavior.

Love the app and very happy to be subscribing!