Poolcrete OK to Leave Exposed To Weather For Winter?


Jun 21, 2020
Salt Lake City, Utah
Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of finishing an inground vinyl liner pool. We are handling many of the projects ourselves like the landscaping, the patio, equipment shed, and pergola. Our PB is behind schedule by a few months and while they have finished the excavation, the installation of all plumbing and conduit lines, and the concrete deck, they have not yet had the electrician, the gas line to the heater, any of the equipment installed, or the vinyl liner installed. We met with them about three weeks ago before they placed the poolcrete and told them we either needed to have them hurry and get it done or wait until spring when the weather would be more beneficial to get the project completed. We didn't want them to drag it along and then try to install the liner in December or January when our regional temps are well below freezing at night and right around freezing for a typical daytime high. They said they wanted to push ahead and get it done.

They placed the poolcrete a few weeks ago and we have not seen much movement since that point. They still have a few weeks worth of work at the earliest before we can get all the electrical connections completed, the gas installed, all the equipment hooked up, the automatic cover installed, the manifolds built, and all of it functional before we try to put in the liner and then test all the equipment before winterizing the whole pool.

My question is this. Does anyone know if there is any risk in leaving the poolcrete exposed to the elements until spring? Or is it better to install the liner in the cold weather and get the pool filled? Everything I have read on the forums says we should install our liner when the weather is warm to help ensure it stretches and is placed correctly. I have read some comments about poolcrete shifting if the underlying material (in our case a very hard clay) fails. We have land drain below our deep end that helps ensure ground water does not enter the pool so I am really only concerned about exposure to the snow, cold temps, and sunlight for the next few months. Ideally this would not be the case but I want to get some thoughts on what is the lesser of two evils. To leave the poolcrete exposed or try to set my liner in really cold temps and hope everything settles down when it warms up in the spring.

I have included a few photos of the pool and the site plan just to give you a sense of what we are working on and how the construction process is going. I appreciate everyone's help!


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Aug 10, 2017
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If its gonna be cold you wont get a good set on the liner. I dont bother if it's under 50f it's more pain than anything. If the ground is ok and stable the poolcrete maybe ok. I couldnt get away with that here in my area. You could always get a huge tarp and carefully lay it in then put a foot of water in the shallow end to keep it weighed down and stable. If the PB is on the hook for the floor amd liner I would just let it be and let it be his problem if it cracks and shifts. Can always repair it in the spring.
Is it common to install cinderblock walls for a liner pool in UT? I cant help but to think the labor and material is much more than premade pool panels. You dont see many done this way. In some areas solid walls are poured using reusable forms


Jun 21, 2020
Salt Lake City, Utah
Thanks @ajw22 for flagging this for me. @jimmythegreek I am not sure how common it is or not to build from cinderblock. I think many do use the pre-made panels and I would guess that the vinyl liner builders are a 50/50 mix of prebuilt panels vs. other version of the wall.

The pool builder will be on the hook for the outcome if the poolcrete does need to be repaired. They poured it and did a rough trowel and said they would need to do one more pass to clean it up before it was ready for the liner. They have not been back to do that final clean up version so I suspect they will have to dispatch a crew to do that in the spring anyway and may just fix any cracks or settling at that point.

Thank you very much for your help and advice on this one!
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