Pool water has gotten cloudy

May 24, 2011
My pool water started getting cloudy yesterday. Today it is even worse. My chlorine was a little low (I added bleach an hour ago), but that has never made it cloudy before. Does anyone have suggestions? I cleaned the cartridges a few weeks ago. I run the filter from 9a-7p.

I had to go to the store to get more re-agent and the guy at Dolphin told me to shock it.

FC = 3.5 (after adding bleach)
CYA = 30
pH = 7.6
TA = 120
Borates = 35



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May 19, 2010
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Did those tests results come from the pool store or your own kit?
If your own, which kit?
If the pool store, order yourself one of the recommended test kits as you will need it for the shock process (at least the FAS-DPD test).
May 24, 2011
Thanks. I started the shock process as soon as I saw the responses. I have a Taylor K-2005 test kit and a FAS-DPT test. I also had the store test (since I was there to get some reagent).