Pool water condition, not sure what to do, help needed


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Apr 23, 2019
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Hi All,

i just open my pool and I've thrown in 5 bags to shock and 1/2 quart of algae killer liquid and brush it and have my polaris running and pick up some dirt. However, it doesn't look like it clear much if it. I am able to see the stairs but not the bottom of the pool floor.

Today i took a picture of the pool and it still look green-brownish, I was wondering if you guys can shed some light to me? I am handling all by myself.




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Jun 10, 2018
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May want to post the water test results as that's the best way the experts can see where you're at. You're going to need to go pick up some liquid chlorine and do a SLAM, but you will need a proper test kit do so.


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Hello and Welcome to TFP! We can help you get your pool cleared up.

Two things to keep in mind:
cleaning a pool is not a quick process and
to follow TFPC practices you need to test the water and add only what it needs

Please add information to your signature about your pool. Use those above as guidelines. It will help us help you better.

We recommend getting a quality test kit your your use at home. I highly prefer the TF-100 but the Taylor K-2006c will work as well. Pay attention to bottle sizes when comparing prices.
Make sure you read up on the SLAM process as that will be the first thing you do when your kit arrives. Until then, you can get a start by pouring one bottle of liquid chlorine in each day. Don't add anything else, nothing! Once your kit arrives, run all your tests and post the results. We can advise further with the test results. There is a link to the extended test directions if you want some additional directions on the test kit. If the CYA test is over 100ppm, then do the dilution test step #9.

The purpose of adding chlorine at this point is not to clear the pool. It is to try to keep it from getting worse. You are basically in a hold pattern at the moment waiting for the test kit to show up. Don't expect this to clear before then. You'll need the test kit to determine the CYA level in the water. From there, use the FC/CYA Chart to determine the proper FC level for the SLAM process. If you end up having high CYA or no CYA, then there will be additional steps needed before the SLAM process can begin. If really high CYA then you may need to drain water to make the SLAM process manageable.

Post like this.
FC use the powder and drops. Don't worry about the OTO test with the block


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Apr 23, 2019
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May 3, 2014
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OK -- it is a copper based algaecide. Do not use any more of that. Once copper reaches 0.3ppm in your water it can turn blonde hair green and stain your pool. It also does not kill existing algae, it sort of prevents it if you do not maintain appropriate chlorine.

Now -- let us know about your testing.