Pool water becomes cloudy while running pool cleaner


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Jan 12, 2018
Frisco TX
My pool water becomes somewhat cloudy while my pool cleaner is running.

I run my P39 for 2 hours each day and during this time the water goes from clear to slighty cloudy.

After the pool cleaner has run, the water returns to clear after a few hours. If I do not run the cleaner, the water remains clear. Is this normal?

I have paint strainers in my skimmers which are still collecting fine debris. The paint strainers are usually covered with a greyish colored soot for lack of a better word. Moderate pollen along with other allergens are still falling in my area. Test results:

pH 7.5
FC 8.5
CC 0
375 CH
90 TA
40 CYA

Is everything ok or am I just paranoid? This is my first season using bleach.



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Jan 6, 2010
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It sounds to me like you're not brushing enough and/or running that cleaner enough.

If I get lax about brushing, I stir up quite a cloud when I do get around to it. In the same vein, if I really want things to sparkle to impress guests, I brush extra thoroughly, daily, for three or four days prior.

You'd think dust and pollen would settle to the floor, but it doesn't. Not anymore than dust always settles on the floor and doesn't stick to your living room windows.


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Jan 12, 2018
Frisco TX
Ok. I’m only brushing once a week. I will step it up. Thanks

The weird thing is I did the same last year and didn’t have this problem. However, I didn’t really start fooling with the pool until June as we had just moved in.

I dumped in whatever the pool store recommended. Glad to be part of this forum and free from the pool store.
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