Pool Update and New Pump Questions.

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Jul 23, 2020
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Newbie here. Thank you for your help! We are currently updating our pool equipment and lights, adding waterfalls, a slide and redoing the plaster with Aqua Blue Mini-Pebbletech. Our in ground pool is about 32,000 gallons, 10 feet deep, with 2 skimmers, we removed the spa wall and made it a swim in area and kept the jets. We are adding 3Pentair Colorvision LED Bubblers with GLOBRITE Shallow Water Color LED Light 12V, 3 CMP Natural Wonders Classic 12/18, Pentair Intellipro XF VSF and Pump Filter or Pentair Waterfall Energy Efficient Pool Pump with Strainer 115-230v AFP-150 OR 180, plus 6 valves and an actuator.

The Bubblers each take 20-35 gpm and the sheers each take 20 gpm. That's 165 if all are on at the same time and at full strength. I foresee the bubblers running at 20gpm each. They are in 9” of water on a cabo shelf. It's about 30 feet to the sheers with an 8' rise. It’s about 15 feet to the bubblers with a 5’ rise. I have a water line to each bubbler and to each sheer, so six in total. Is this the best pump to use? The pipes for each go all the way back to the pool eq pad. 6 pipes with valves and one acuator?

The second pump will be for the new 42' Dolphin Water Slide with 2 ½” Water Stub to deliver 150gpm, Crystal Water Cartridge Filter for 525 sq ft, currently have a Polaris PB45Q booster pump for our Polaris pool sweep and a Hydro Air Industries blower, 12-2402, preparing for the possibility of aPentair UltraTemp 140 Heat Pump 143K BTU titanium Heat Exchanger, considering a second Pentair Intellipro XF VSF, plus 2 or 3 valves and an actuator.

The slide needs 150-180gpm, the Crystal Water filter says it has a design flow rate of 150 with a max head loss of 4.1 psi. It's about 50' to the slide with a 15' rise. Is this the best pump to use? Do these scenarios seem good or is there a better way?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

I would drop the Polaris PB45Q booster pump for our Polaris pool sweep as robots are so much better and require way less power to run... I would put the filter on the return to pool pump and not on the water slide pump, you probably do not want to run the slide all the time..

As for everything else some more people will be along to help out :)
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