Pool Timer stopped working.. Pump won't turn on manually from timer.


Feb 26, 2018
Phoenix AZ

The other day I noticed my pool wasn't on like normal.

Checked on the timer, it stopped, right when the pin to start the pool hit the start time.

Opened the breaker box, nothing was tripped. I turned the 3 fuses that connect to the timer off, and on again. Made a noise like electricity was going thru, then made a pop sound on the timer, similar to when I manually turn it off, and the humming noise stopped.

There is a manual switch to turn the pump on/off next to all the pool equipment, and the light switch is also there. The light still turns on, the pump doesn't.

Any suggestions? I was going to go to Home Depot today and get a new timer, but I'm concerned it might be an electrical problem? All the wires coming from that timer box to the breaker box are connected, nothing loose.. so I dpn't know what other electrical issue it could be.
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