Pool System Frozen


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Nov 30, 2018
For the last 2 years since we bought the house we never had any major freeze events. Figured the pump freeze prevention would automatically kick in like previous years. Obviously a mistake.

The whole system is frozen and I assume the repairs may not be worth it and we will be filling in the pool.

I guess my question is what if anything should I do until the spring?

Everyone we knew around here just leaves the pool going year round, so we didn't bother to winterize it.

Is they any chance there is an insurance claim?

Do you think any of the major equipment can be salvaged?

We had a
Pentair 188594 Quad D.E.
Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo


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Jun 16, 2019
The whole system is frozen and I assume the repairs may not be worth it and we will be filling in the pool
Hogwash !!! Your pump and filter are about $1000 each. And that’s only *if* it isn’t salvageable. There are no moving parts in the filter. It can probably freeze 3/4 solid and thaw and be fine. (It doesn’t mean yours will be fine, but it’s very possible). The pump can either be fine or break something easy/cheap to fix like the plastic impeller.

Any PVC above ground is cheap to replace and chances are it will be insulated by the dirt and ok underground. Again, I’m not psychic but you have lots of chances to not be up a creek. :)

best case scenario is you are fine or close enough to fine.

worst realistic case is you have some bigger damage to parts of the system, but not epic catastrophic failure that will be in the 10s of thousands to fix. $1500 ?? Maybe. It will cost a lot more to fill the pool in. And it very well could be covered under insurance. Mine is covered under the ‘other structures on property’ section. I still have my deductible and to weigh the costs of my rates going up if I file a claim, but technically mine is covered.


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Jun 19, 2020
I restored a neglected pool this past summer. For four years it was completely ignored. Not covered, water level not adjusted, pump and filter and plumbing full of water, in an above ground pool in Massachusetts. There was definitely freeze damage in the sand filter (laterals and upright) and the ball joints, but that and the wildlife in the water was all I had to take care of. Pump was fine, as was much of the plumbing. Since I did the work myself, it was a couple hundred dollars total, and most of that was in chemicals. Way less than $200 for the plumbing supplies. I'm not saying yours will necessarily be that cheap, but it's not as expensive as you are thinking.
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