Pool store starting to get it


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Jun 13, 2010
Pensacola FL
I made a trip to our locally owned pool store to get some bleach. I sometimes take a water sample out of curiosity. The owner and his wife are the only one who tests the samples so they are pretty consistent with my k-2006. Today when I walked in I heard the owner talking to a bunch of people standing around the counter "With this crazy hot weather everyone's test results are out of wack, except that guy", pointing to me. Then he says, " his test results are alway perfect and he never listens to a thing I tell him to do". I just shruged my shoulders, said "I hate pucks", gave him my water sample and then he handed back my perfect results.


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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! Thats a good one. Almost fell off my chair! Reason is, my PB did the almost exact same thing a month ago! He had about 5-6 people in line and you wouldnt beleive how many of them came up to me while in line asking me what my secret is.

Instead of explaining everything thing to them, I just said Bleach and the TFP website. You should of seen their faces! I wish I was fast enough to catch it on my blackberry but sorry to say, I was laughing too hard!