"Pool Store" Shock Question.....


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Apr 19, 2010
Altoona, AL
I'm loving the BBB method and never thought I'd be on here asking this question but here goes...

What brand of Wal Mart or pool store shock should I use to "doctor" my pool up for a couple of days?
We have had a few very heavy rains this week, not to mention 100 degree temps. My water is just a tiny bit cloudy, but I think I'm seeing hints of green algae starting to form in the cracks on my steps. I've got to do something quick.
My CYA is a little bit low (about 20) so I'm not worried about the stabilizer that could be added by using a commercial shock treatment just this once. What I am worried about is adding something that is not compatible with the BBB method.

The reason I'm in such a hurry - My daughter got accepted in dental school and we want to have a celebration for her this weekend. If I can just get through this weekend I will start shocking with bleach on Sunday night if it's still necessary.

Thanks so much for your help!


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Apr 1, 2007
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There is no product that is better than bleach if you want to shock the pool.

You don't show any test results so I can't comment on what dosages, etc. to use but, regardless, bleach is as good (and almost always better) than anything else you can put in your pool.

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Jun 22, 2009
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I'm with Dave, there isn't a better shock than bleach but since your CYA is 20, Dichlor would work for you and I'd start shocking now. You can swim up to shock level so that's not an issue.


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Jun 3, 2008
Shock with bleach.

Prior to using BBB we shocked our pool with calcium hypo. I did not like how cloudy the calcium made the pool. Trichlor tabs dissolve slowly. Bleach goes to work immediately. We use Walmart generic bleach to shock; try it.


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Nov 5, 2008
While trichlor tabs are slow to dissolve, dichlor comes in powder so that will work and add CYA at the same time.

Use the Pool Calculator to see the effects of adding dichlor to your pool, down at the bottom.

If you want to get from CYA 20 to maybe 40, determine how much dichlor you are allowed. When you get there, stop and go to bleach for shocking.


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Aug 20, 2009
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Look at the label on any chlorine product you purchase to make sure it does not have copper in it. Copper can cause staining, especially if the TA/CH/pH are not carefully managed. Most of the HTH sanitizing products, now days, contain copper. That is the brand commonly found at Walley's and HD.

I have extensive copper staining in my pool from years of out of balance water and Ionizer use that throws a lot of copper into the water over time. The staining is extremely difficult to get rid of or even impossible in some circumstances.

Possibly a small addition of copper, only a few times, may not be much of an issue, but if introduced over time can creep up on you and produce staining. Many algaecides contain copper too and some other products.

Now that I know what can happen and have to look at the staining, in my otherwise pretty pool, I avoid copper like the plague. BTW..... As my pool shouldn't be acid washed any more times I'm in a very slow process of attempting to lighten the copper staining. It is very expensive but cheaper than replastering the pool, which, in my case, would be only for aesthetics, as the plaster is still in good shape.