Pool store ripped off a neighbor


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
I think the owner, admins and mods (all of us, really) genuinely want to share the TFP system with as many people as possible. We know how ridiculously simple it is. How well it works. And how dreadful the alternatives are. We're not in it for the money (unless I could arrange to get paid by the word). If you've ever tried to evangelize TPF to a friend or neighbor, you know what the resistance is like. I've yet to do it, myself, even for those who have seen my pool and know me well. Adding even a single ad could impact this site's credibly beyond repair, making this mission even more difficult. Must not be worth it to the owner to take the chance. That reminds me, shouldn't you be paying another Gold Membership fee this year? :unsure:
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