Pool store guy says I don’t have normal return jets...


Sep 5, 2014
Phx, AZ
Hello all,
I have crappy, old, deteriorating return jets. I broke one trying to adjust it so I figured I’d just replace all 3. Guy at the pool store says that they’re not normal and he’d have to order them. He said they were $14 each because they come with the whole new thing that goes into the wall, which I assume he’s meaning the female part that is already inside my wall. Like a dummy I didn’t ask what they were and just figured I’d look them up. If he had them in stock, I don’t mind paying the convenience fee for a local business, but if he had to order them, I can probably get them cheaper and faster from Amazon.

Anyway, the jets have a small plastic ring (thinner than anything I can find online) with two tabs that are molded into them and stick out. The tabs are what you use to grip when threading them into/out of the port. It’s ~1-3/4 inches wide and it retains the ~1-1/2 eyeball by screwing into the port on the pool wall.

I found a video of a guy replacing return jets made of metal that looked similar to mine and he called the “flush mount” and said they were old. I couldn’t find any info when googling that. He replaced it with a newer style one that has a larger outer ring that retains the eyeball and it screwed right in.

I just need to know what I have exactly and what replacements will work!
Thanks! I’ll try to attach pics. C352F7E5-4619-4A1C-8910-F94E2008DD55.jpeg4EF1C914-8EA8-4D5E-B81F-E567FF20A458.jpeg


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May 12, 2020
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My builder installed something similar last year. I removed the ring with the 2 tabs and the eyeball. My eyeball was sort of stuck in there I believe from the plumber's glue or whatever they used. Once those were both out I screwed the normal return kit where the eyeball was. I couldn't find anything like mine online so I gave it a shot and it worked.



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Those are typically used as spa jet eyeballs.

Amazon has a few too:

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