Pool step return jet


May 28, 2016
Egg Harbor Township
Hey guys, i opened up the pool and everything great until i realised im losing a ton of water. Leak was found coming from behind the return jet in my pool steps. Dye test showed water clearly running under the flange but not into the return. What can i do here? I can see the threaded opening of the return meeting the pipe but no dye escapes inside. Im pretty sure i damaged the flange when closing as the return eye didn't want to budge until the whole flange rotated. I then grabbed two pliers and held the flange still while rotating the eye free to plug it after blowing the lines. Now i realise i created the damage last fall. What are my options here??? Please advise. Im digging for pool putty to try and slow or stop it but im worried if im looking at dollar signs to fix this.....


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
Do not use putty, it will just crack out. You say you can see where it attaches to the pipe? There are 2 kinds of jets, can you see threads other than for the eyeball in front of the glue joint for the pipe? If so, tighten it back up, it has a rubber gasket. This can be replaced if need be, but try snugging it down first.
If not, you should drain below it and use 100% silicone caulk. Be sure to lightly sand all surfaces to ensure a good bond.


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
Need some pics. I'm assuming these are fiberglass stairs? If so the front seal is just a gasket theres a locking nut in back. Lower water level below that area let it dry and see if you cam tighten the faceplate back up from the front. If ita wet back there the nut will just spin