Pool start up chemicals?


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Sep 19, 2020
L sorry short we just had our 21000 gallon in ground resurfaced with pebble sheen. Part of what we paid for was start up even though I was hesitant to argue the charge and just say I would do it myself. Regardless my wife felt better if they did it so I agreed and on the contract it states they turn on all pool equipment and add chemicals “to balance water according to the National Plaster Council guidelines”. Okay....

So the day after it was turned over I’m out there brushing for the second time that day and I decide to test the water. Mostly for the ph to see if it needs some acid. Looks good there but I test for chlorine and nothing. I saw him put some in when he was starting it up so I think that’s weird. I get out my big kit and run a CYA test and.... nothing. So I called the company today and the tech called me back. I asked him if he added any CYA at all and he said the office won’t let them do that because “some people end up with too much.”

I understand the need for the CYA to be added in liquid form but to not add it at all just seems so strange.

So basically I guess I’m asking for an opinion as I wait for my liquid conditioner to arrive. Is it common for PB/remodel companies not to add stabilizer?
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