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May 21, 2017
Natrona Heights PA
Hello All,

First off I’m baffled and ready to tear the pool down lol. We’ve had it for 3 years with no issues and now there seems to be stains on the AGP vinyl liner spreading like a wild fire. These aren’t normal algae stains. I took a sample water test to the pool store which showed high copper. They gave me a granular metal stain remover which I lowered my FC below level stated and broadcasted in the pool. Let the pump run for 24hrs. Did nothing to remove the stains. I’ve tried scrubbing them and no go, also tried using vitamin c tablets on them and did nothing. I’m beyond frustrated at this point as it looks terrible. Anyone have experience with this? I’m located in PA.


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You said two things above that are a problem - pool store help and copper. Copper would indicate you have been using their products because copper almost always come from the store. The snake oils they sell you do nothing to remove copper from water. The best way to remove copper from the water is to exchange it. As for the staining, copper is one of the worse. You can try rubbing some dry acid (in a thin sock) on it for a bit in a test area to see if it helps. If you are able to have success with a good metal remover product while the water is still in the pool, then change the water as soon as the copper releases from the surface. Your signature is blank so we can't see your pool info, but if you are using a mineral sanitizing system, pull the mineral packs. If you are using copper based algaecides or any product with the term "Blue" in it, stop that as well. Liquid chlorine is the best way to go. As always here at TFP, be sure to test your own water with a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit. It all starts there.

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