Pool spa fountain


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May 8, 2017
Johns creek/GA

I have a pool and a spa with a blossom fountain, which they are connected with a three stairs-like waterfall from spa to pool.
In the normal pool mode, i know the valves shall be set to be a pool return line and a water feature(fountain) line opened. My pool has no addtional fountain line and i think the spa return line includes a fountain line.
My question is about the fountain.
When i fully open a pool return line and a spa return line by using a 3-way valve, the fountain is coming out too low not to be seen.
When i close a pool return line and open a spa return line, the fountain is beautiful, but the water level in pool is getting lowered about 1/2 inches per bay because of no water return(while a filter pump is on for 6 hours).
When i partially open a pool return line and fully open a spa return line, the fountain is low(<10 inches) and water level is almost kept.
What is the problem in my pool? Motor? Filter?
How can i adjust the water height of fountain to get a good-looking water sparkling fountain(2-3 inches water high) without water loss?

i am looking forward to your answer.

Gunite pool, sand filter, 23,500 gal water, 4 return jets in pool, a booster pump for spa jets