Pool Skimmer Crack


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Jul 22, 2009
Thanks, everyone for any help you can give.
On the large photo that is a leaf on the left. The crack is around the water outlet. The pink color is from putting die in to determine the leak.

I am wondering if there are any suggestions as to whether Flex-seal (local pool store recommended) or epoxy or anything would help with repairing this crack. The crack is larger than it looks in photos because there is also a vertical separation. We were losing inches of water each day.

Thanks again.

Pool Skimmer Crack 1.jpgPool Skimmer Crack 1.jpgPool Skimmer Crack 1.jpgPool Skimmer Crack 2.jpgPool Skimmer Crack 3.jpg
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May 20, 2020
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I have used flex seal and it is hard to get it to the proper area. It is very sticky and does run if on an angle. I have only used the spray type. I think there is a version that is in a can (like paint) to dab on. I have also tried flex seal tape but it is only good if you have a nice big surface to put it on. I have used landscape construction adhesive (made by Loctite at Home Depot) with good success around fountains, waterfalls, etc. I used it to reseal around my skimmer (facing the pool) when I did a partial drain on my pool a couple years ago and it is still holding without cracking. I did not have a leak but could see some cracks & gaps developing so I applied it. It is waterproof and is applied with a caulk gun. It has a texture of putty but can also be very sticky if you are using your fingers. I think whatever you use will need to be applied in stages. Fill the big gap, let it dry and apply another layer. It is best to ensure the big gap is properly filled and sealed throughout. Hope this helps.
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Mar 2, 2011
The skimmer is sinking and the pipe is getting pushed up through the bottom of the skimmer.

You need to address why the skimmer is sinking.

You can patch the crack with PC-11 marine epoxy.
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May 16, 2010
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The deck in which the skimmer is installed has probably sunk, while the outlet pipe has not. Flex paste or an epoxy should seal it but won't cure the causative problem.
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