Pool size?


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Jun 7, 2020
Santa Rosa, CA
We're supposed to start our dig in 2 weeks and now I'm second guessing the size of our pool. We were originally looking at 18x36 rectangular pool with a spa and baja shelf set into the pool. So, the total pool size was going to be 18x36 including the spa and baja shelf. We chose this design to have an automatic pool cover. Then, we upped the size to 18x38 because I felt that the actual pool area (minus spa and baja shelf) was too small. Now, I'm thinking we should make the pool a little bigger and go with 18x40.

With the 18x38 option, minus the spa/baja shelf/bench, we'll have about 18x29 left for the pool.
With the 18x40 option, minus the spa/baja shelf/bench, we'll have about 18x31 left for the pool.

The price is pretty minimal for this change. I'm more concerned about the size/usability of the pool. Also, we already submitted the permit with the 18x38 option. Can we add an addendum to the permit later for this change, or do we need the permit changed before we start the dig?

I've attached some pictures that show the pool layout in the yard. The first one shows the pool dimensions and is laid over our existing backyard. The second picture shows the new patios around the pool. We also have a large patio down by the house (a portion of which is covered). If we add 2 more feet to the length of the pool, we can rework the "yellow" patio so we don't lose space there.

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