Pool sinking- Ever try partial paver blocks?


Sep 15, 2011
The plastic feet have given up on my summer escapes 18x48. Most of the legs have broken through the feet and have begun to sink. I was off level by 6 inches after receiving several inches of rain in a short period.

I jacked up the legs one at a time with a floor jack and 2x4 (as I saw on a post in here), and for the time being,dug out enough to slip a piece of treated 2x4 under the sinking legs and followed that up with a slice of 1x4 on the second time thru.With the wood under the legs, they still sit below grade by 1-2 inches. I have worked it back to within 2-3 inches of level, but my OCD won't allow this to last very long.

The thought of digging out the space to fit in a 12x12 paver ( as so many have done PRIOR TO filling their pool) gives me nightmares. I mean the post is only what, 2 inches in diameter? Does this warrant a 12x12?? Since the pool is already filled, 9/10ths of the paver will be outside/beyond the leg. Has anyone tried any smaller pavers, or pieces of pavers?


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Aug 6, 2011
Virginia Beach
I bought 4x8 pavers to put under mine, but got distracted while putting it up and they're still stacked in a nice neat pile next to the shed. The benefit of having them is that they spread the load out over a larger area of contact with the GROUND underneath. The contact area with the pool leg isn't as critical. The larger the area of ground contact is, the better. The load will have more surface to be spread out over, and in theory, should not sink as fast/deep.

Samantha Sabrina

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Apr 11, 2012
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I suggest the 8" x 16" x 4" thick concrete pavers, they will not break as easy, and since you are already having soft ground issues due to wet weather those would be your best bet.

I take it you didn't do any digging before setting the pool up, if so you still have all the top soil in place, (which is causing your problem now), most top soil is only 4-6 inches thick, so using the pavers above, if it still sinks a coupe of inches you can then place some wood on top of the pavers to bring it back up to level.


Sep 15, 2011
Thanks Samantha and Big-kid for your insight and opinions. :goodjob:

Samantha Sabrina said:
I take it you didn't do any digging before setting the pool up,
No, hindsight is,...well you know. I let the warm weather get the better of me. :hammer:

I've got a week off coming up, so I 'm sure I can do something.

Again, thanks both of you and thanks TFP for a great resource!

I will post pics as soon as I can get this bugger taken care of.


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Jul 21, 2010
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So much for the 45 minute setup they promised on the side of the box... LOL

I can completely relate. I has sevral EasySets before my current pool and I did lots of digging in my clay (aka concrete?) yard. When I got this pool, I had a tractor guy do the work and it was only 3 hours and no sweat on my part. Money... yes, I had to use that instead. I will say, it has been some of the best money I ever spent.